The American Chianina Association was officially organized in June 1972 in Kansas City, MO. The original ACA office was located in Blue Springs, MO, until November 1982, when a permanent ACA National Headquarters was built in Platte City, MO. The primary purpose of the ACA is to register and transfer seedstock and maintain records of pedigrees in the breed's herdbook. The National staff promotes the breed at various livestock events around the country, as well as publishes a breed magazine and other promotional publications as a service to the association's membership.

Please make sure you enter your Chiangus Classic Futurity heifers. The nominations have been coming in but not many have been entered. The Chiangus Classic form is for use by both the exhibitor and the breeders.
If you have any questions please call any of the committee members on the form or Andee Marston at the ACA. 816-431-2808.

Chiangus Classic Futurity Heifer Show
at Springfield, Ill. - Monday June 22 at 2 pm

Additional Rooms available at:

The Candlewood Inn and Suites 
2501 Sunrise Drive 
Springfield, IL 62703
AMAA/ACA Block $99
Across the street from the Crowne Plaza