Chi Genetics to Unlock the Profit in Your Cattle

Take Advantage of Chi Genetics From

•Italian Fullblood
•Red Chiangus

These genetics offer the beef industry the type of cattle that will perform and reproduce in harsh environments, feed efficiently and produce a high yielding, high grading carcass. These are the type of cattle to keep you in business.

• Calving rate improves 3.5%
• Survival to weaning improves .8%
• Birth weight improves 1.6 lbs
• Weaning weight improves 18.0 lbs
• Longevity improves 1.36 years
• Number of calves improves .97%
• Cumulative weaning weight improves 600 lbs

Maternal Ability & Longevity

Successful beef production starts and ends with the cow. Chi and Chi-cross mothers provide a complete package of maternal skills full of staying power. The maternal heterosis bred into these cattle compliments the natural mothering ability of Chianina.

The cross between a Chianina with any of the British breeds emphasizes hybrid vigor, exceptional growth rates and even makes calving easier due to the Chianina having a slender shaped head. The Chianina can boast of having a high lean to fat ratio – exceptional even amongst Continental breeds. The introduction of Chianina genetics leads to a reduction of waste fat in calves. It also lessens the incidence of genetic problems amongst the crossbreeds. Chianina bulls produce uniformity amongst all their crosses – a desirable trait for feedlots and cow-calf producers alike.

The first of the composite programs began in 1976 by crossing a Chianina to an Angus. The Chiangus is a prime example of breed complementarity. The black, polled offspring capitalize on the outstanding qualities of their parents. Cows have a long reproductive ability and are very fertile. The resulting carcass has high cutability and provides an excellent eating experience. In 1986, three other highly successful crossbreeding options were initiated. The Chiford (Chianina x Hereford) and the Red Chiangus (Chianina x Red Angus) exhibit the superiority of their composite breeding to that of their parents.

The Chianina can stand on its own merits. A well developed animal, they have few genetic and phenotypic faults. By combining the best of both Chianina and British breeds ranchers have been able to profit in countless ways. The marketability of these animals is exceptional, and the ability to customize a cattle breeding program to a rancher’s environment is superb, bar none.

Chi Cattle working for Cattleman All Over the United States

“This breed has the ability to grade well, produce high weaning weights, are long lived and can provide much more. There are so many angles that people can work from in this breed and that’s not something every breed can offer.”
Bryan Schaefer, Des Lacs, ND, Schaefer ChiAngus
“Prior to deciding on the Chiangus herd, we tried other breeds and crosses, but found they did not hold up as well to the extreme conditions at the Ordway, Colorado ranch. After one breeding program led to only a 30 percent breed-back rate that year, we knew it was time to stick with the Chiangus, which are the right cattle for this environment. In our herd, we saw immediate improvements with the Chi crosses. We first retained some of our heifers in 2005, and found a noticeable difference in how docile they were over the commercial herd, along with the unquestionably higher weaning weights. In addition to the improvement in straight pounds, we see Yield Grade 2 Choice cattle versus the Grade 4 Choice from previous years.”
Don Esch, Longmont, CO
“Chi influence cattle in the feedlot bring everything to the table a feeder could ask for! Profit drivers in the feed yard are feed conversion, carcass weight and carcass traits. Chi’s convert, put on the pounds and have respectful carcass traits. The industry has been lacking in muscle for several years and it continues to be a problem especially if the commercial producer has been following the latest fads or genetic trends. Chi’s will get a calf crop back where they need to be in terms of muscling without affecting marbling.”
Dan Dorn, Oberlin, KS, Decatur County Feedyard
“With Chi’s you get the style you want and the performance you need. You get do-ability from the Chi influence.”
Richard Behmer, Hoskins, NE, AC Cattle Co.