General Membership Information

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Active members are those persons who have paid their adult membership fee of $100 (includes a one year subscription to the ACJ), and annual activity fee of $100 that enables them to register and transfer cattle at regular membership rates. The membership fee shall be paid at the time of initial application. The activity fee is due each year upon the membership anniversary date.

Any person who’s activity has expired or has not been a member of the ACA.
NOTE: You must be an ACTIVE member in order to process registration or transfer work.

Junior members are those persons under twenty-two (22) years of age who have paid their membership fee of $50. Junior members will have a $25 yearly activity fee. This activity fee will be sent out at the beginning of January each year. Junior members may register and transfer cattle at active member rates. The junior membership will remain in effect only until January 1 after the member reaches twenty-two (22) years of age. At that time, the member has the option to convert their junior membership into any adult membership. Junior members must be active members in order to show at national shows.

A. Application for adult membership must be made in writing to the executive office of the Association.

B. “Adult members” shall be owners or breeders of cattle, who pay the membership fees. Adult membership will apply to the estate of a deceased member for one (1) year after death.

C. Adult members or junior members are eligible to register cattle in the ACA, as well as non-members who pay the additional required fees for services.

D. The Board of Directors shall have the power to accept or reject any applications for membership. The Board of Directors shall also have the power to suspend or expel any member who conducts himself in a manner detrimental to the Association, or fails to comply with the rules and regulations, without refund of membership fee.

E. A member whose membership has been revoked must make a written application for reinstatement, and can be reinstated only after having received a two-thirds affirmative vote of the Board of Directors.

F. Legal partnerships or incorporated companies shall specify in writing the persons authorized to vote or act in their behalf at any meeting of the Association or to sign registration and transfer applications.

G. Membership may be transferred from one name to another, maintaining the same number, date and memberships name, provided that application is made in writing and an appropriate transfer fee is paid, and provided that the transferee is a legal entity in which the transferor of the certificate is part owner or the transferee is an heir or successor of the transferor.

H. All members must have a 2 to 4 letter herd prefix. Example (2) TP, (3) TOP, (4) TOPP.

The American Chianina Association was officially organized in June 1972 in Kansas City, MO. The original ACA office was located in Blue Springs, MO, until November 1982, when a permanent ACA National Headquarters was built in Platte City, MO.

The primary purpose of the ACA is to register and transfer seedstock and maintain records of pedigrees in the breed’s herdbook. The National staff promotes the breed at various livestock events around the country, as well as publishes a breed magazine and other promotional publications as a service to the association’s membership.

PO Box 890
Platte City, MO 64079
Office: 816-431-2808
Fax: 816-431-5381