Instructions for Completing Registration Application

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A. You must be an ACTIVE member in order to process registration or transfer work.

B. Fees will be calculated from the postmark date on the envelope. Please enclose appropriate fees, as papers are not released until fees are paid in full.

  • Registration and/or transfer fees for steers are the minimum charge per head regardless of
    membership status and date of sale.
  • If the Breeder is the same as the Owner, simply write SAME.
  • List the registration numbers and names of the sire and dam. There is less chance for error this
    way. If the sire or dam is registered with another association, and you would like the pedigree to
    appear on the certificate of the animal you are registering, include a copy of the animal’s pedigree
    or that breed’s registration number.
  • If the sire or dam is not registered with the ACA or another breed association, you must include
    breed percentages, age, and name or ID number. SEE THE SELF BILLING SHEET FOR MORE INFORMATION.
  • Tattoos cannot exceed 5 letters and/or numbers including the Year Letter. Tattoo must include at least one number.
  • Herd Prefix – Everyone registering cattle in the ACA Herdbook must have a herd prefix. Two to
    four letter prefixes are available at this time. The herd prefix must be tattooed or branded on
    every calf registered that is born after January 1, 1984. The herd prefix must be assigned by the
    ACA and no two members may have the same prefix unless they are family members or persons
    living at the same address. The herd prefix must be that of the owner of the animal at time of
  • The first owner, owner at time of birth, is solely responsible for registering the animal. His/her
    signature is required in order to process the registration. All cattle must be tattooed and
    registered by the first owner (owner at time of birth).
  • You may register and transfer on this form. Both fees are applicable.
  • All A.I. sires, donor cows and embryo transplants must have DNA on file with the ACA or a
    cooperating DNA lab.
  • Contemporary Groups – A group of animals that have been given an equal opportunity to
    perform, managed alike, same sex, same environment and same feed resources. Correct
    contemporary grouping is the foundation of genetic evaluation.
    • Creep fed vs. non creep fed
    • Group code
    • Weaning date – no more than three day spread
    • Birth dates no more than 90 days apart.