Instructions to Register Online

• Go to the top right hand corner of the page to the “member login” link.

• Enter your ACA Member number and Password.  If you are unfamiliar with you information please call the ACA to obtain it, (816) 431-2808.

• Once logged in, you will have several options to choose from. To register animals select your recording option under the bold Herd Management tab.

• If your membership has expired or you are a non-member it will ask if you would like to update your membership status.  Please select yes or no and click next.

• Enter the Dam and Sire Registration numbers.  Make sure these are a series of numbers. NO letters for all ACA registered animals.

• If you are adding a foundation female (registered with another breed) click add new and enter the information. You will use the breed code for the female in front of the number (ex. AN1234567)  Note: Do not click back once you enter her/his information.  It will send you to the calf’s registration screen when finished.

• If you are registering out of a foundation animal that is already in the system make sure you use the correct letters preceding the number.  Ex: AN13548795, MA254984, etc.

• If you are adding a commercial female, please submit the information and the ACA will assign the female a number when processing the calf registration.  If you are using an existing Commercial Female, please use the letter C in front of the number (C123456)

• After you click next it will direct you to the next screen where you will enter all the calf’s information.  Please make sure you fill out the information completely.

• If you are transferring the animal you must click and give proper information at the bottom of the screen for a successful transfer.

• Click Submit!  There will be a message that comes up in red that will let you know it has successfully been submitted to the ACA Office.

The registration will not be processed until credit card information is given to the ACA Office by phone or fax!