2020 Exhibitor Letter – PLEASE READ


NEW LOCATION – 2020 National Junior Heifer Show – Sioux Falls, SD – June 30 – July 4

Contact Heather at 517-214-0927 or heather@chicattle.org with questions.

Event Location:

W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds

100 North Lyon Blvd.

Sioux Falls, SD 57107

2020 NJHS Judges

Owned Females – Jon Sweeney

Bred & Owned, Bulls, Steers – Garrett Lampe

Showmanship – Michelle Nielson

Important NJHS Announcement – Please read this carefully.
An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. By participating on site at the Chianina National Junior Show, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

• Photography, Speech & Salesmanship contests will be done prior to the event and must be complete by June 15. (Note the photography deadline has been extended).
• Speech & Sales will be done as a virtual contest, with speech or sales presentation recorded and sent to judges. And email with information will be sent out June 1.
• Team Fitting, Livestock Judging & Quiz Bowl contests will be reassessed closer to show time to see if social distancing practices will allow for these contests to be held.

• An email regarding refunds has been sent out. All refunds must be submitted via the email sent to exhibitors.

• Please note, we are still aware of the COVID-19 situation and encourage you to make the best decision for your family in regards to attending the 2020 Junior National.

• Entry Deadline – MAY 29, 2020
• NO Late Entry Deadline
• No entries accepted after May 15.

• OWNERSHIP DATE – Must be solely in the exhibitor’s name by May 29, 2020.

Participants must be current members in good standing with the American Junior Maine-Anjou Association (AJMAA) and/or the American Junior Chianina Association (AJCA) and cannot have reached their 22nd birthday prior to January 1 the year of the show.

Age Divisions
Age divisions are determined on January 1 of the year the show.
• Junior – 12 years of age and younger
• Intermediate – 13-16 years of age
• Senior – 17-22 years of age
– For example, you must have a birthday AFTER JANUARY 1, 1998 to be eligible for this year’s junior show.

• AJMAA dues – $25. Junior dues must be paid in full for entries to be processed.
• AJCA dues – $50 first time only; $25 yearly renewal. Junior dues must be paid in full for entires to be processed.
• Owned Entry fee – $50 per entry. (This is per animal, per breed)
• Bred & Owned Only Entry fee – $50 per entry. (Bulls are only Bred & Owned) (This is per animal, per breed)
• Bred & Owned AND Owned Entry fee – $75 per entry. (This is per animal, per breed)
We do not assume that because an animal is bred & owned that you also want to show it in the owned show. You must enter in both shows.
– For example if your animal qualifies for both shows you will choose the Bred & Owned AND Owned option on the entry.
• Bedding Fee – $55 per entry – Does not include outdoor bedding.
– If your animal is dual registered and entered in both Chi & MaineTainer shows you will only pay 1 bedding fee for that animal.
• Banquet ticket – $15
• Contest Only Fee – $40
**If you’re not showing an animal, but wish to participate in the contests you will pay this fee. You DO NOT pay this fee if you enter an animal.
• Novice Only Fee – $15. Open to all 3-8 year olds. You must sign up for novice activities if you want to participate.

Rules and Regulations
• Exhibitors are subject to all rules and regulations of the AJMAA & AJCA. When an entry is made,
exhibitors agree to abide by the rules and regulations established by the AJMAA & AJCA, as well as the rules of the show management. Entries found to be misrepresented and persons not abiding by the show rules will be disqualified.

• Protests – Protests must be submitted in writing at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of judging or at the conclusion of judging. Written protests must be accompanied by a $500 fee and three (3) signatures of current AMAA/AJCA members. Judging procedures will not be interrupted for protest investigation and depending on the basis of the protest a decision may be withheld until a complete investigation is made. If the protest is upheld the $500 will be refunded.

• All animals must be registered with the AMAA or ACA. The original registration certificate is required at check-in.

• Tattoos will be checked, must be legible and correspond exactly with the original registration certificate. We will not check tattoos on animals if they have been previously AMAA, ACA, state association or other approved program verified such as Ohio Best. Other than Brucellosis Calfhood tattoos, there shall be no other permanent identification marks other than those noted on the certificate of registry.

• The attempted surgical or non-surgical alteration or conformation of an animal is strictly prohibited,
except for dehorning. Cattle are to be shown in their natural conformation. If an exhibitor’s animal is found to have been physically altered the following actions will be enforced:
1. The exhibitor will be banned from all AMAA/ACA shows for one (1) year from the offense.
2. The animal will be banned from exhibition for life.
3. If exhibitor is guilty for the second offense they will be barred for life from AMAA/ACA activities.

• The use of false tail heads, added hair or other materials to any part of the animal’s body is prohibited.

• The dying or artificial changing of the existing color and color pattern is prohibited.

• No artificial filling (pumping).

• All horned animals more than seven months of age must be dehorned.

• No alteration of a Chiangus head is allowed.

• Any and all cattle shall be made available to have blood drawn or hair pulled for parentage verification, detection of foreign substances or the presence of altering. If recorded parent is excluded as a result of DNA typing, the owner can, at his expense, request the AMAA/ACA to determine actual parentage. Failure to determine parentage will result in disqualification of that animal from the AMAA/ACA herd book.

• Heifers exhibited at 20 months of age or older must be accompanied by a certificate of pregnancy.
Heifers used in embryo transfer must be accompanied by a certificate of positive fertility issued by a
licensed veterinarian.
• The show superintendent will split classes as near to equal as possible.
• Participants must exhibit their own show entries.
– An exhibitor has more than one animal in the same class, in which another junior national
participant may help by showing one of the animals.
– Injury or illness (medical note from a doctor).
– The Youth committee will review other circumstances.
• Official t-shirts are required while exhibiting animals and will be available at check-in.
– You are not required to wear show t-shirts during showmanship.
• Exhibitors must wear show harnesses to display entry numbers.
• Animal health commission rules and regulations of the host state will be enforced.
• Cattle are not allowed to leave prior to the conclusion of the show.
• Overhead fans are to be hung in the front half of stalls.

• States are to stall together in assigned locations during the show. Each exhibitor will stall with their state. Chi’s and Maines will all be stalled by state, together.
• NEW THIS YEAR – If a scenario presents itself where you have to stall with another state, a fee of $50 will be required.
• STALL REQUESTS – If you have a specific stall request, within your state, please e-mail
njhs.stalling@gmail.com. We will do our best to honor stalling requests, but make no guarantees.
• Stall requests will only be accepted via e-mail up until June 1. Any requests made after June 1 are not
• Please specify in your e-mail the First & Last name of each exhibitor you wish to stall with and the state you are from.
• The AJMAA & AJCA will assign stalls for each exhibitor within their states section.

• Tie outs are NOT preassigned and will be first come, first serve.
• You MAY tie to your trailer.
• Bedding is not provided in tie outs, but will be available for purchase.
• There will be a small amount of permanent tieouts set up if you do not wish to tie to your trailer. They will be available first come, first serve.
• Decisions of Show and Youth committees are final.

Breeding cattle must have a minimum of 6.25% Chianina blood to participate in ACA nationally sponsored shows such as the NJHS. This rules does NOT apply to STEERS.

• CHIANGUS – All registered Chiangus and Red Chiangus (1CA, 2CA & PCA) females.
• CHIANINA – All registered Chianina, Chimaine & Chiford females.
• ITALIAN FULLBLOOD & HIGH PERCENTAGE – All registered females 50% Chianina blood and higher (including fullblood). If 10 heifers are shown, a grand and reserve champion will be selected in this show.

Calves exhibited in the cow/calf division are not allowed to show in individual classes. All cows and calves must be registered. The maximum age for calves is 260 days. No maximum age limit on the cows. The registration category of the cow determines the division in which the pair shows. Calves shown at the cow’s side must be the cow’s natural calf. The exhibitor may be asked to allow calf to nurse cow. The ACA minimum percentage rule pertains to all calves in the cow/calf division.

• CHIANGUS – All registered Chiangus and Red Chiangus (1CA, 2CA & PCA) females.
• CHIANINA – All registered Chianina, Chimaine & Chiford females.
• BULLS – All bulls, regardless of registration category, show together in one show. Age requirements for bulls: calved after Jan. 1, 2019.

Please note on heifers: We do not assume that just because an animal is bred & owned that you also want to show it in the owned show. YOU MUST ENTER IN BOTH SHOWS.

Only entires in the National Junior Show that list only the junior exhibitor as the breeder and first owner are eligible. This does not include family or farm bred and owned heifers. Dam must be registered with the ACA. Embryo calves do NOT qualify unless the exhibitor owns the donor cow. Foundation and commercial dams do not qualify unless the exhibitor can show proof of ownership of the dam prior to breeding.

All steers must be registered with the ACA in the junior exhibitor’s name by the entry deadline of May 15, 2020. Additionally, all steers must be weaned.
Show officials will check the steer’s tattoos to ensure they are legible and match the registration papers.
There will be two divisions:
Prospect Steers – 900 lbs & lighter
Progress Steers – 901 lbs and heavier
Steers MUST adhere to and abide by the same fitting and grooming regulations as breeding cattle.

Entries consist of three steers from the same state and shown by their respective owners. No limit to the number of entries per state. No premiums paid.

2020 Health Requirements

Fairgrounds Address:
W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds
100 N. Lyon Blvd,
Sioux Falls, SD 57107

Health Requirements:
• Rules and regulations of the South Dakota Animal Industry Board (SD AIB) must be adhered to.
• All junior cattle must have official identification and be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) that lists official identification issued within thirty (30) days of event start date.
• Animals originating from outside the State of South Dakota must have an import Permit Number listed issued within fifteen (15) days of event start date on the certificate.
• Permits can be acquired by calling the SD AIB at (605) 773-3321.
• Examples of acceptable official identification are: a USDA approved alphanumeric tag, Brucellosis (calfhood) vaccination tag, purebred registry tattoo, USDA approved RFID or 840 series tag.
• Electronic CVIs are acceptable.
• Bull Show Exhibitors: CVI’s must list ‘Bulls are for exhibition and return only.’
• Verify with the SD AIB at (605) 773-3321 or aibmail@state.sd.us, if any additional testing requirements are needed based on animal’s state of origin.

All contests will be combined with exhibitors from both the AJMAA and AJCA. The only exception is showmanship.

• First through 10th place will be recognized and presented a certificate & award.

The Public Speaking and Salesmanship Contests will be done virtually and be submitted by video. Click HERE for more information and to sign up:

• Divisions competing are Junior, Intermediate and Senior.
• Photos must be taken by the contestant during the past year.
• Photo cannot be altered or image enhanced in any way.
• Photos must be taken by the exhibitor submitting the photo.
• No cell phone photos.

Submitting your photos
• Entry deadline June 15, 2020
• Submit one (1) photo per exhibitor
• Please include the following information:
– Exhibitor Breeder Number (Maine or Chi breeder number)
– Exhibitor Name & State
– Exhibitor Age Division
• All photos must be submitted via e-mail to maine_chi_photo@outlook.com

Judging Criteria
• Judging will concentrate on all aspects of photography.
• A panel of judges will review the entries.
• Winners will be announced at the junior national awards banquet.

• Photos become the property of the Maine-Anjou Voice and Chi Journal and can be used for publication or promotional materials.

• Divisions competing are Junior, Intermediate and Senior.
Please watch for an email on how to sign up for the contest and how to complete the contest virtually for 2020.
• Speeches are to be the contestants original compositions.
• Notes are allowed.
• Speeches should be no more than six minutes long, points will be deducted for going over time.

Judging Criteria
• A panel of two judges will assess the speeches.
• The panel may pose questions at the conclusion of each presentation.
• Guests are admitted but are not allowed to prompt, cue or ask questions to any contestant.

Junior & Intermediate Division
• Junior and Intermediate speech participants can choose any subject that pertains to the beef industry, Chianina or Maine-Anjou cattle.

Senior Division
• Of the 3 topics below, you will select one topic to give a speech on.
• You will be allowed 1 (one) 3X5 note card.
– How can we bridge the gap between the producer and consumer to help them better understand where their food comes from?
– Why is it important to educate people on the proper practices of animal husbandry versus just ignoring their questions?
– Explain why you have chosen and continue to breed Maine-Anjou or Chianina cattle?

• Divisions competing are Junior, Intermediate and Senior.
Please watch for an email on how to sign up for the contest and how to complete the contest virtually for 2020.
• You will no longer bring your animal to the contest, but will sell the animal based on the criteria listed below.
• Contestants attempt to “sell” an animal, genetic opportunity or group of animals of their choice to a group of judges/potential buyers.
• Suggested information assembled in a folder:
• COPY of registration certificate • Pedigree
• Performance information • Phenotype
• Breeding information • The use of visual aids is allowed.
• Sales discussion • No power will be provided and no power points allowed. • Marketing decisions dictated by environment, customer base, etc.

Judging Criteria
• Organization of information
• Overall presentation
• Contestants will be expected to answer questions
• Contestants will have a 10 minute time limit to complete the sale.

Each breed will continue to hold a separate showmanship contest and each contestant will receive 3 points regardless of where they place. If you choose to compete in both showmanships you will still only receive the 3 points that will go towards the overall sweepstakes. Awards will be presented to the top 1-10 in each breeds contest.

**If you wish to participate in both showmanships you must be a dues paid member in both
associations. If you entered a Chianina animal, but did not enter a Maine, you can still show in Maine showmanship if your dues are current or if you pay an additional $25 to get them current.**

AJCA Showmanship – Chianina order – Int., Jr, Sr., Novice (Chi & Maine together
• Contestants must show their own Chianina/Chiangus animal in showmanship and the animal must be entered in the show.
• Tattoos may be verified after each heat.
• CONTEST ONLY juniors with NO cattle entered in the NJHS in either breed will be allowed to participate in Chi showmanship with a Chianina/Chiangus animal assigned to them by the Youth Advisory Committee.
• No t-shirts provided, clothing at discretion of exhibitor.
• No bulls allowed in showmanship unless that is the only Chianina/Chiangus animal an exhibitor has entered.
• The is a no-fit competition.

• Novice participants may use any heifer or steer entered in the NJHS.
• A responsible individual may accompany the novice in the ring.
• Novice showmanship will begin immediately following the conclusion of the first ring to finish. There will only be one division of Novice showmanship.
• Novice participants will not place, but each participant will receive an award.

• To encourage state unity and togetherness.
• States will be judged on Wednesday – Saturday.
• The first place state will be announced at the banquet
This state competition will be judged on:
a) Organization of tack – 10 points
b) Stall card quality – 10 points
c) Upkeep of stalls and bedding – 15 points
d) Cooperation and teamwork – 25 points
e) Care and appearance of cattle – 15 points

Novice Division
We love our littles! With no minimum age, the AJMAA and AJCA have many participants that are below the age of 8. With this many young exhibitors the decision was made to vamp up our novice program and offer activities a few afternoons that are geared specifically for the Littles. Additionally, we have many of our exhibitors that attend the show with their older siblings and would love to participate but just aren’t quite ready, and we have those exhibitors covered too! For four afternoons we invite our Littles to come and enjoy activities like steer cookie decorating, heifer cutout coloring and more! Each activity will last approximately 1 hour and all items they will need will be provided.

So, how do you sign your little up for these activities?
• Novice activities are open to youth ages 3-8. The cost to participate is $15 for materials. (This will include a t-shirt & bag) All novice participants will need to sign up for the activities.

Novice CONTESTS – sign up at check-in
– Quiz Bowl
– Showmanship (every little will receive a prize)

NOTE: If your child would like to compete in the speech, salesmanship or photo contest they will compete as juniors.

Sheraton Sioux Falls & Convention Center
1211 Northwest Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Rate: $109
Block: Maine/Chi Junior National
Click here to book online

Best Western Plus Ramkota Hotel
3200 W. Maple St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57107
Rate $105
Block: Maine/Chi Junior National

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson
200 E. 8th St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
(605) 373-0153
Rate: $109
Block Name: Maine/Chi

Ramada by Wyndham Sioux falls Airport Hotel & Suites
1301 W. Russell St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
(605) 937-6486
Rate: $109
Block Name: Maine/Chi

Contact Mark: (605)360-0668

Printable Schedule

Keep brushing & pack, we’re headed to So Dak!

The AJMAA & AJCA realize that this situation has been hard on everyone and we wish it was different. Good news is, we have secured a new location in Sioux Falls, SD, July 1-4. The NJHS will PROCEED and we are trying to make the 2020 event as normal as possible. With the current regulations and the unknown we believe a shortened schedule is a must, and although it will look different, the same principles apply and the show will go on.

2020 TENTATIVE SCHEDULE – Please note this schedule can change at any time.

2 p.m. Cattle may begin arriving on the fairgrounds.
Tie outs will be tie to your trailer, bedding is not provided in tie-outs.

10 a.m. Check-In
4 p.m. Maine-Anjou delegate meeting
6 p.m. Thank You For Coming Kick Off/Fun Night

7:30 a.m. Sullivan Supply/Stock Show Maine-Anjou Showmanship – (Start with Sr, Int, Jr)
8 a.m. Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Chianina Showmanship – (Start with Int, Jr, Sr)
3 p.m. Chianina membership meeting
5:30 p.m. Cody McCullough Memorial Senior Showmanship Finals (Maine-Anjou)
8 p.m. 5K/Fun Run

8 a.m. Chianina Prospect Steers, Progress Steers, Bulls, Bred & Owned Chianina, Bred &
Owned Chiangus, Owned Chiangus
8 a.m. Fullblood Females, Prospect Steers, Maine-Anjou Bulls, Progress Steers,
MaineTainer Bulls, Bred & Owned Maine-Anjou Females, Bred & Owned MaineTainer Females and Maine Angus Females Shows
3 p.m. Chiangus Classic Futurity
4:30 p.m. Maine-Anjou delegate meeting

8 a.m. Maine-Anjou Females, followed by MaineTainer Females
8 a.m. Owned Chianina Females

Please remember, this is a tentative schedule and can change at any time.

For Tradeshow information, please contact Heather Counts at 517-214-0927 or heather@chicattle.org


• NEW THIS YEAR STALL REQUESTS – All stall requests must be e-mail to: njhs.stalling@gmail.com.
• States are to stall together in assigned locations during the show. Each exhibitor will stall with their state. Chi’s and Maines will all be stalled by state, together.
• The AJMAA & AJCA will assign stalls for each exhibitor within their states section.
• Stall requests will only be accepted via e-mail up until June 15. Any requests made after June 15 are not guaranteed! Please only e-mail your requests to the following e-mail: njhs.stalling@gmail.com.
• Please specify in your e-mail the First & Last name of each exhibitor, if you are STALLING WITH (which means only two side panels and sharing tack) or if you wish to STALL BY (which means you will have separate side panels and tack).
• If you are wish to stall with another state, a fee of $50 will be required.

2020 Maine/Chi Junior National COVID 19 Event Guidelines

General Health Guidelines
– Masks will be available to anyone who wants one on a first come, first serve basis.
– Each exhibitor will be provided with hand sanitizer, additionally, sanitizing stations will be available in the show office and in the show arena during exhibitor check-in and shows.
– Check-in will be handled in time shifts to prevent lines or gatherings. No more than 10 people in line at a time and social distancing guidelines must be met when in line.
– Steer weigh-in will be held separately and exhibitors must maintain the 6ft social distancing guideline while waiting to get weighed.

– Stalling –
– Exhibitors will be stalled by state and family. Social distancing guidelines will apply and if a family
does not feel comfortable stalling within their state they are able to stall to their trailer with permission
from show staff. No congregating will be permitted around the show arena on the ground level.
– Alternating rows of seats will be blocked off in the stands so that observers are separated by the
distance of one row and 6ft.

– Showring –
The breed show make-up areas and arena will be limited to the exhibitor, their calf, and one additional
individual per calf.
– There will be designated standing areas for the designated individuals waiting for exhibitors
that are currently in the showring.
– The make-up area will be limited to one class “on-deck” at a time.
– Class size will be limited to 10 calves per class.
All class, division, and champion ribbons will be available for pick up by exhibitors in the show office
during the show.
– Ribbons will be laid out on a table for contactless pickup.

– Photographs –
Division and class photos will hold a maximum of two individuals and the calf.
– Exhibitor and ribbon holder
– Breed champion and Overall photos will hold a maximum of six individuals and the calf.
– Exhibitor, ribbon holder, judge, three additional individuals of exhibitors’ choice
– Cattle in line for backdrop will stand at a profile with the full length of each animal
separating exhibitors in line.
– Periodic announcements will be made letting exhibitors know of backdrop availability/when
to bring their animal to the backdrop for their photographs

Show staff will allow for early dismissal of exhibitors at the conclusion of each breed show to
minimize crowds.

Exhibitors will be asked to sign a waiver. Waiver’s will be sent to exhibitors and must be completed prior
to check in.

As A Staff, the American Maine-Anjou & Chianina Associations will do the following:
– Enforce social distancing practices of at least 6 feet between all employees and exhibitors.
– Provide physical barriers between employees and exhibitors at check-in.
– Develop a plan to clean and disinfect high-touch areas.
– Provide face coverings to all employees when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
– Be aware of capacity limits indoors and conduct business at 50 capacity.

The American Junior Maine-Anjou & Chianina Associations are committed to hosting a safe event for our
participants and will adhere to any social distancing requirements and health guidelines put forth by the state or the facility.