2019 NJHS

How many of our members are already making plans for next year!?

You can bet your bottom dollar – the AJCA is going for broke as we plan the 2019 National Junior Heifer Show.

If you play your cards right, you’ll be sure to hit the jackpot as we DOUBLE DOWN IN DES MOINES!

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Bolt – What is it?

BOLT stands for Biometric Open Language Tool. BOLT is the technology behind our National Cattle Evaluation (NCE) from our partner International Genetic Solutions (IGS). The power and performance of BOLT is what allows statisticians to perform complex computations to large databases of information. IGS has almost 17 million animals in its database […]

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Video Recap from the Grand Fiesta

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BOLT EPDs are here!!!

After a little further tweaking the release of the BOLT data is here.  Please check your new data on DigitalBeef here.  The ACA and IGS are very excited about BOLT.  EPD’s will now be calculated weekly and as breeders you will be able to see genetic changes much quicker.  For example when you register your […]

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